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September 20, 2022
The Global Impact of Social Innovation: Disrupting Old Models and Patterns

The book chapter "Empowering Women as Key Changemakers: Why Female-Driven Social Innovation Matters" was written by Eva Wack, André Habisch and Stefan Wilhelm and published in the book "The Global Impact of Social Innovation: Disrupting Old Models and Patterns" by Springer-Verlag. Here, the SISTAC method is described as a "support mechanism" to support female social entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

ISBN: 978-3-031-03848-8

September 21, 2022
Action learning for social innovation (AL4SI) – an application to the European Erasmus Program

The aim of AL4SI is strengthening the Higher Education (HE) and Vocational Education & Training (VET) systems. We strive to adapt it to the latest market needs, while simultaneously boosting the sense of initiative as well as the entrepreneurial skills and mindset of young people. For that purpose, 12 partners from: the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Slovenia will work together to integrate action-learning master (MA) courses and thesis supervision programs into the HE & VET sectors, as well as training program into the corporate sector. An existing proven program prototype tested by the lead applicant (SISTAC) will be upgraded, adapted to the local requirements and piloted by 10 partners within the course of a 3-year period. As part of the program, participants interact with social impact startups. A total of 280-310 MA course students, 28 MA thesis authors and 21-30 employees will have the opportunity to take part in the program thereby improving their practical experience and gaining insights into day-to-day business operations and challenges of the startups.  

Together with SISTAC, Bayer Foundation will monitor the quality and the impact of the MA course and the thesis supervision programs and will provide improvement guidelines. By the end of the project, validated MA course and thesis supervision programs for the HE & VET as well as a training for the corporate sector will emerge.  

As a product of a cross-sectoral collaboration, action-learning formats will be ready to be scaled across educational institutions and corporates within and beyond Europe. Another byproduct of this projects will be the constitution of a European cross-sectoral network continuing to collaborate on the issues and beyond.  

September 22, 2022
SISTAC x Companies

Your company wants to get involved in social issues? We have decided to offer the SISTAC format not only for students, but also to cooperate with companies. You want to support as a team African startups or founders who work for disadvantaged groups in your region? Then feel free to contact us for further information:

June 21, 2022
Social Innovation Day and SISTAC AWARD 2022

On June 21 our Social Innovation Day 2022 took place at Haus Ungarn in the heart of Berlin. The motto this year: "Harvesting a Healthier Future". We want to drive system change through cross-sector collaboration. To this end, we have come together with our partners and been inspired by great speakers and experts. There were several panel discussions and we awarded this year's SISTAC Award in the categories of Student Learning Success, Partner Development and Social Innovation. We are happy to announce that our winners this year not only received the SISTAC award, but their dedication also paid off. Our winners were also rewarded financially: all SISTAC award winners received a prize money from association funds.

The SISTAC Award Winners 2022:

SISTAC Award in the category "Changing the Mindset of Students": Lola Knoll with her project partner Quick Chapati fast food manufacturer and the project: franchise concept & contract.
SISTAC Award in the category "Organizational Development of Start-up Partners": Birte Cuber with her project partner Reel Gardening.
SISTAC Main AWARD in the category "Creating Social Impact": Kativa Makransky with her project partner GICMED.
SISTAC AWARD 2022 for the best Term Paper:

Gebhardt, Sophia De Souza Pena Barbosa Matheus Dörflinger, Hannah Herges, Celina Daniela Posselt, Hendrik

We would like to thank everyone involved for being a part of the event. See you next year.