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Calviince Okello
Operating in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania
“Digital Technology for Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Farming”

Kenya is a typical agriculture country and about half of the land is used in agriculture purposes, but the farmers of this land face inequality, bad infrastructure and poverty. Furthermore, they are not able to adapt or influence the food market in their favor with the result of many farmers living under the poverty line. The vision of M-Shamba is to help these households by educating them how to reach sustainability and how to increase income for example by improving the export to Europe or Russia.


The concept began in 2010 and has evolved through various stages of technology development and deployed extremely innovative solutions for the smallholder farmer leveraging on the power of the mobile phone. M-Shamba provides several programs to educate the farmers in basic digital concepts and skills, teach them how to achieve the quality demands of foreign markets and overall, how to evolve from farming as a lifestyle to farming as a business. A huge advantage is, that the programs are available online with interactive voice service or virtual call centers. Since the foundation, over 65,000 smallholder farmers have been reached and over 400,000 acres of lands have been covered. The success is also measurable in over 12 million worth of commodities that have been traded so far.