sistac Portfolio
Christian Tesfaye
Operating in Ethiopia, Africa
“A fresh produce e-trading platform integrated with transport logistics and mobile payments, linking fresh vegetable farmers to end buyers.” (GebeyaNet)

GebeyaNet has pioneered an e-commerce platform that endeavors to formulate a sustainable supply chain between farmers and buyers with the assistance of logistics. GebeyaNet works to create a virtual marketplace for agricultural products with a fast-trading system that eliminates the extra transaction and produce solutions to the aforementioned problems existent in the standard market. The purpose is to make the whole process of offering and ordering more convenient for both parties with the result, that farmers can generate higher revenues and reduce their waste due to the more effective supply chain.


With around 80% of the Population in Ethiopia working in agriculture, GebeyaNet wants to enable these farmers to get a better income for themselves through developing a sustainable supply chain on their own terms, where they can negotiate fairly. At the moment, GebeyaNet offers tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots and chili but they want to expand their portfolio in the future. In 2019, more than 50 farmers and up to 200 buyers used the platform. The long-term vision of GebeyaNet is to become the leading virtual marketplace for agricultural products.