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Conrad Tankou
Operating in Yaounde, Cameroon
“Quality and Standard MedTech Solutions available for Everyone” (

One of the major problems in Cameroon still is the high rate of breast and cervical cancer of women. Due to the lack of specialists who provide screenings, and relatively high prices of the procedures, the cancer is often explored in an advanced stadium, whereby the mortality rate is very high, especially in rural communities. The entrepreneur Conrad Tankou detected this problem and founded the start-up GICMED in 2017. He wants to create a social value by providing communities a quality healthcare access. To achieve this objective, the company developed a cost-effective and innovative screening method, which only needs a trained nurse, a smartphone and an internet connection. After the execution of the screening, the data is uploaded and analyzed immediately, and the patient get her results very fast without the issue of costly travelling.


The long-term vision of GICMED is to create a world, where the most vulnerable get the opportunity to enjoy essential healthcare. The innovative idea of GICMED could be a milestone to get closer to the fulfillment of the vision. Women who get access to this new method attain many advantages. The probability to survive the illness increases a lot through early and fast detection. More women can afford the screening due to lower costs and the avoidance of long traveling into cities. The women do not have to leave their families and their farms, which enables them to reduce potential risks. Overall, the achievement of GICMED is to solve one of the major issues of the sub-Saharan region and in the future, they might provide an added value for all rural communities in Africa.