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Dan Watson
Located in UK, Pilot: Indonesia | Scalability: Global
“Our Vision: A world where oceans and people thrive together.”

The worldwide commercial fishing industry is related to huge environmental problems. The biggest issue is that fishers can hardly separate between the fish they want to sell and the unmarketable ones. The consequence: 1 out of every 10 caught fish is wrong and results in 16 million tons of fish discarded globally per year. The oceans are being depleted and the demand in food supply is not being met. The idea of SafetyNet is the “Pisces Bycatch Reduction Shield”, smart nets, that aims to reduce the bycatch up to 90% and to fight overfishing the oceans.


The social impact of the smart fishery is tremendous. The work of SafetyNet faces five different UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially to protect the life below water by catching the right fish and saving endangered species. They also reduce the global hunger by ensuring food security. Another important perspective are the economic benefits. Fisherman can work more efficiently and increase their revenues and lower their costs by catching only the marketable fish. Most importantly, the smart fishing net is easily complying to the increasingly stricter regulations.