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Dominique Kavuisya
Operating in Kenya
„A sustainable and efficient food supply chain with fair value distribution from farm to market.“

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the Kenyan economy, often described as the backbone of the economy, measurable in 27% of the GDP coming from the agriculture. Furthermore, around 80% of the population work as farmers or in related positions. But all of them face huge problems and uncertainty every day. They rely on the revenues from their crops to pay medicine and education for their children, but the prices and returns can fluctuate a lot. Taimba’s vision is to fundamentally revolutionize the value chain by offering farmers a mobile based business to business platform to connect them with retailers and urban traders. The platform provides an easy usage by simply restocking the fresh produce outlet and Taimba will show up in no time.


Taimba optimizes the distribution, quality, and price of food in East Africa. The platform helps to reduce the food wastage across the supply chain, simplifies the farm to market business model for farmers, provides a streamlined channel between farmers and retailers, resulting in higher prices paid promptly to the farmers. They also provide knowledge and organize farmers in groups to improve the overall productivity. Furthermore, they ensure the farmers have access consistency in the market and take responsibility for a quick and safe delivery of the products. Taimba set their focus on potatoes, onions, carrots and tomatoes, products which are very vulnerable to market price volatility and have a short shelf life.