sistac Portfolio
Dr. Jochen Scheerer
Operating in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania
“The innovative solution for sustainable improvement in public health at rural areas”

Over two billion people in many rural areas in less developed countries face the lack of adequate sanitation. According to WHO, more than 900 children under five years die every day as a result of unsafe drinking water and bad sanitation. Reasons are often the lack of infrastructure and water scarcity. The consequences cannot be underestimated. The people in the rural communities are sick, have a higher mortality rate and the excrement lead to increased environmental pollution. Important is a solution that considers the conditions of the rural area. Sani Solar wants to solve this problem and provides a sustainable, sun-powered, maintenance free sanitation product for hot climate zones. It includes a revolutionary new cooling system based on adsorption cycle technology without any electricity, water or chemicals.


Sani Solar can have a huge impact to increase the sanitary and health conditions in rural, hot climate areas. Instead of unhealthy, environment harming waste, the excrement gets reduced by 95% due to the drying process of Sani Solar and can be used as fertilizer in agriculture. Accordingly, Sani Solar not only increase the sanitary infrastructure, but also support the local farmers in the food production. Furthermore, investments in sanitation facilities such as Sani Solar leads to significant benefits for national economies due to savings in the health system and reduction of sick leave. The product is already in use in many rural areas, especially in the north-east of Brazil and the user’s feedback is overall very positive.