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Felix Brooks-Church
Operating in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
“End Malnutrition in Africa” (

One of the biggest challenges in Africa is to stop hunger and malnutrition. Over two billion people lacking access to vital nutrients and around 16,000 children die every day as a result of malnutrition. Furthermore, a balanced nutrition is very important to support the physical and cognitive development of children. More than 200 million children under five years suffer from mental impairment. The most common food in Tanzania is maize flour, but many important nutrients like iron and zinc are missing. The solution of Felix Brooks-church and his start-up SANKU is both very intelligent and simple. They fortify the maize flour with important nutrients to guaranty that the meal of every family contains the lifesaving nutrients.


The goal of SANKU is to reach 25 million people by 2025 after the current impact on 2 million people and to scale up the program in the future to support more than 55 million people. Solving the problem of malnutrition in Africa helps to strengthen the cognitive development and grows of children, enabling them to regularly attend school, and create the first step of escaping the cycle of poverty. Furthermore, SANKU expanded their mission in 2017 to support the increasing number of refugees in Africa.