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Hadijah Nantambi
Operating in Wattuba, Uganda
“Our innovative products and services reduce pre-harvest and post-harvest losses in farming communities” (

Farming is a major source of income for the communities in Uganda. EcolifeFoods perceive themselves as “Agro-innovators” with the mission to support the farmers to improve the agricultural production and productivity. They want to accomplish this goal by conceptualizing, designing, and optimizing innovative and sustainable solutions that tackle the daily issues of farmers in rural regions. EcolifeFoods provides several products and services that help to reduce the pre-harvest and post-harvest losses in farming communities. For example, solar-powered cold storage facilities, organic fertilizers, seedlings, workshops for farmers and full-time delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to the clients.


Uganda does have good climate conditions to produce many varieties of fruits and vegetables, but often not the capabilities to prevent them from rotten before they get sold. At this point, the social influence of EcolifeFoods becomes apparent. The main impacts of EcolifeFoods are detected in a reduction of poverty through better incomes for the farmers and less hunger of the Ugandan population because more food can be consumed before it expires. In the future, the trainings and knowledge bank of EcolifeFoods may support the farmers to produce goods that meet the required quality standards of international destinations and increases the export of the smallholder farmers.