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Hakeem A. Jimo and Bola Adeyanju
Operating in Lagos, Nigeria
“Nigeria´s First Plant-Based Food TechCompany” (

According to the 2020 world Hunger Index, Nigeria is on the 10th place in terms of hunger and malnutrition. As a consequence, malnutrition is one of the main causes of death and disabilities. The biggest part of the population has no or little access to regularly meat consumption and those who can afford it, consume too much and face medical issues like diabetes or heart attacks. Additionally, the meat production is a big driver of the climate change. Hakeem A. Jimo and Bola Adeyanju want to solve this problem by creating a healthy and delicious meat alternative, which is also accessible and affordable for poorer people in rural regions. Veggie Victory is the first plant-based food company in Nigeria, and they provide the meat alternative V-chunks, which launched the market in 2016. The product is already available in several Nigerian states and is completely produced locally. The vision of Veggie Victory is to become Africa´s leading provider of plant-based meat products and from there become a global competitor.


The product of Veggie Victory can have a tremendous impact on people’s health by providing a healthier alternative to normal meat that completely avoids possible ingredients like cholesterol, animal fats, chemicals, or preservatives. A huge advantage is, that the transportation of the product doesn’t require a cold chain. Furthermore, it helps to facilitate the food security and supports the efforts against socio-economic and environmental challenges. The positive environmental footprint can be measured in the reduction of CO2 emissions and less water wasted in the meat production. Countries like Nigeria, which are directly confronted with the climate change could have an even bigger interest to support this innovation to reduce the impacts of these changes.