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Nathan Sseyodo
Operating in Uganda
“Creating A Formal Chain of Uganda’s Most Popular Slum Snack”

The East—African country Uganda faces many socio-economic problems. Over 60% of the population lives in slums and struggles with unemployment. Even worse is the unemployment rate of the youth, which exceeds 80%. Nathan Sseyodo tackles this issue with his start-up “Quick Chapati” and combines the vision to reduce unemployment with the high demand for the popular slum snack “Rolex”. This demand is currently unmet, because there is only one company in Uganda doing a similar Rolex chain, but ask for a high price, and the informal Rolex sellers in the slums lack organization and hygiene.


“Quick Chapati” wants to create hygienic Rolex stalls on the streets of Kampala, which sell different varieties of the popular snack Rolex to fair prices. Furthermore, “Quick Chapati” provides an app to order the food online and delivers it directly to the customers. In 2020, they already set up over 16 stalls on the streets. The objective of the start-up is to build up more than 100 stalls in the biggest slums of Kampala and establish between 1500-2000 jobs for human beings in need. If you take for example family members into account as well, “Quick Chapati” can support more than 5000 people overall.