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Onesime Kone
Operating in Ivory Coast
“Create new generations of people caring in a sustainable way for the earth, the people, the future…” (

In the Ivory Coast, many women are still disadvantaged compared to men. They don’t have the same chances as men and are not respected at work. This fact is also recognizable in the Gender Inequality Index, in which the Ivory Coast is in 162nd place out of 189 (United Nations Development Programme, 2020). The idea behind Permaculture Green World is to promote an ethical and sustainable development lifestyle. They build associations of women in rural areas, who produce organic cosmetics and organic food, for example moringa oil, moringa powder and moringa honey.


The original mission of Permaculture Green World creates the biggest impact, the reduction of gender inequality in the Ivory Coast. The women get trained in how to produce organic moringa products and support in the manufacturing and selling process. This support enables them to run their own business, to earn their own money and to become independent. The company furthermore promotes the rights of vulnerable people like widows and orphans. And last, the project of Permaculture Green World has a positive impact on the environment due to the ethics and principles that communicate a sustainable conservation and reforestation.