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Raindolf Uwuso
Active in Ghana and Senegal | Scalability: Africa
“Healthcare is a basic amenity which everyone should be able to access”

The vision of Bisa is to use modern technology to close the identified gap in the healthcare system. This gap includes high costs for seeing doctors, long waiting queues in hospitals and clinics and the fear of stigmatization in terms of sex related topics. Bisa M-Health can be the solution of this problem by providing a mobile platform, on which users can stay anonymous and keep in contact with verified doctors to get health info and support.


Bisa M-Health has the potential to be the pioneer of telemedicine in Africa. The available market contains over 1,2 billion people and 93% of them own a mobile phone. Instead of travelling several days to reach the next doctor, people in rural Africa can get easy and cheap access to lifesaving healthcare. Another advantage is that the gathered information can be used to detect outbreaks of diseases at an early stage and help decision makers to implement health policies that will improve the healthcare delivery to the communities. During the project, the Bisa M-Health app gained over 30 thousand users and achieved more than 31 thousand questions asked to the supporting doctors.