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Reggie Mutetwa
Operating in Harare, Zimbabwe
“We are an Employee Wellness Super-App”

According to the Happiness Index 2020 (The Global Economy), the level of happiness in Zimbabwe is on the 43rd position in Africa, so far at the end. Reasons are a high unemployment rate, increasing inflation and corruption, shortages of food, and low access to medical support. As a consequence, the population is not only unhappy, but also unhealthy and prone to burn-outs. The employers don’t have the opportunities to support their employees. Reggie Mutetwa, the founder of “Wellnescript” wants to solve this issue and provides a digital platform to connect the employees of a company to regional and international wellness and health companies.


Overall, “Wellnescript” is an innovative platform for wellbeing which is affordable for the masses. The vision of “Wellnescript is to increase both, the health conditions and the happiness of the employees and thus the success of the companies in Zimbabwe. Currently, the platform exclusively provides their service for companies, but a future goal could be, to create a broad accessibility for the individuals of Zimbabwe. Fewer people would leave Zimbabwe, if the health and work conditions as well as the level of happiness and satisfaction would be higher.