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Joan Nalubega
Operating in Uganda, Africa
“Our Organic Soap Protects You and Subsidizes Protection for Low-income Communities in Uganda” (

One of today’s biggest health challenges is malaria, a disease, which is caused by parasites that are transmitted through the bites of mosquitoes. Over 220 million people get sick annually, 500,000 of them with a fatal outcome. Around 67% of them are children under the age of five years. The most cases occur in Africa, especially in Uganda, Nigeria, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast and Mozambique. Uganics provides an organic, long-lasting soap, which reduces the probability of being bitten by mosquitoes. The soap is sold at the same price as ordinary soap. It is very important for Uganics to work under fair working conditions and to produce a sustainable and vegan product that doesn’t require plastic or palm oil.


Uganics create impact starting from the core of the problem. The reduction of malaria in Africa has not only impacts on public health, but also stabilize the economy and development in general. Fewer malaria infections lead to higher productivity, because fewer workers are absent for several weeks due to illness. The reduction of infections is furthermore very important for children, whose cognitive development can be impaired through the illness. Uganics have already supported over 1,000,000 people in the fight against malaria with an everyday customer product. The demand for Uganics products rises and the long-term goal is to make the soap accessible for every person in need, especially for the poorer and rural communities.